Lighting and thermostat replacements

to meet your green loan requirements

NOI Enhancements has expanded its services! Now you can meet all your interior green loan requirements using just ONE crew, at ONE time.

Now replacing...

Toilet 1

Toilets and showerheads


Light fixtures and bulbs



What can
NOI Enhancements
provide you?

Clean. Our crew cleans up after installation and leaves no trace of their work.

Professional. Installation is done quietly and professionally to keep resident disturbance at a minimum.

Efficient. Our crew is in and out of each unit in a matter of minutes. Not hours.

Our Process

  1. Proposal. We’ll provide you with a detailed quote.
  2. Contract. If needed, we’ll write up a contract.
  3. Pre-project call. We’ll discuss the logistics of your project with corporate and on site staff.
  4. Installation. Our professional crew will complete the installation.

Thinking of doing it on your own?

Others thought so too. But then they called us to complete the project they started, because they lacked the professional staff, processes, and time to see it through. Do it right, the first time around.