What do
we do?

NOI Enhancements cuts water bills to a fraction of what it would have normally cost with the latest technology in water efficiency. Along with the newest equipment, our experts manage your retrofitting and replacement projects from start to finish. We work efficiently to bring this convenience to you and your tenants.

Our services aren’t just good for the multifamily property owner; it also benefits the environment. We make sure our practices won’t compromise Mother Nature’s health at all costs.

What is NOI?

Utility Bills’ Impact on the NOI

Rising interest rates and rental income are brewing a perfect storm that will impact Net Operating Income (NOI) and asset value. The twin factors of high inflation and low-interest rates emphasize the need for a more proactive management of operating expenses. The peaking rental demand and mature business cycle, however, hold back the rental revenue.

Fortunately, property managers have control over variable expenses, such as water and energy usage. Owners stand to gain more when they reduce these expenses, as well as realize an improvement in operating income.

NOI Enhancements helps property owners extend their savings with affordable toilet retrofitting. Our services can save between 25 and 65 percent on your water and sewer bills. We start the process by conducting water usage analysis for apartment buildings, housing complexes, and commercial properties.

The NOI Enhancements Process

We break down our typical process into two parts:

The NOI Enhancements Process

We break down our typical process into four parts:



We obtain information to write a water usage analysis; which includes the fixture count of toilets, shower heads, bath sinks and kitchen sinks, as well as some additional information



We provide a detailed quote and/or analysis which projects the achievable savings



We install the new plumbing fixtures. We also provide storage for the new material as well as remove and dispose the old fixtures



Savings start immediately