How can
we help
you save?

NOI Enhancements helps property owners extend their savings with affordable toilet retrofitting. Our services can save between 25 and 65 percent on your water and sewer bills.

NOI Enhancements cuts water bills to a fraction of what it would have normally cost with the latest technology in water efficiency. Along with the newest equipment, our experts manage your retrofitting and replacement projects from start to finish. We work efficiently to bring this convenience to you and your tenants.

Why work with us?

We care about your time

Our clients want the job done on time so they can attend to other important things. We aren’t big fans of downtime either, which is why our team aims to beat the deadline always. Typically our replacements consume less than 20 minutes of downtime per unit.

Experienced team

Our professional team fuels our success. They boast of quality performance, speedy deliveries, and experience in toilet retrofitting and repair.

We’re passionate

NOI Enhancements is passionate about helping clients raise their NOIs and get the best best interest rates on their Green Loans. Reduce your water consumption with Green Lending compliant products. Talk to us today and schedule your FREE water analysis.



The real estate industry has been making great strides towards sustainability. As a result, government-sponsored enterprises (e.g., Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) are following suit. GSEs offer incentives to multifamily property owners who reduce water and energy consumption. These incentives are known as Green Loans — a government initiative designed to encourage property owners to make more energy-saving improvements.

Do you know how much water you use?

Gain a better idea with NOI Enhancements’ free water analysis.